What we do

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where buildings are a self-sustaining, carbon-neutral, connected and widely accessible asset class which provides the comfort, safety, and well-being all humans crave and deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and financially back the most talented and ambitious entrepreneurs who share our vision, and through their innovations help realise a zero emission, zero waste building and manufacturing industry.

Investment themes

Our investment activity centers on three adjacent verticals – the built environment, manufacturing and climate technology

Built Environment

Buildings are the largest physical asset class in the world. There is a tension between the universal human need for shelter and the resulting  environmental impact. The built environment accounts for 40% of global GHG emissions. KOMPAS seeks to redress that tension by investing in sustainable building materials, solutions that reduce water and energy consumption, and software that improves the user experience across the entire property value chain from planning and designing a building to financing and managing it. We are optimistic that technology can make the industry more sustainable and productive. 

Climate Technology

We strive to reduce embodied carbon from raw material extraction, manufacturing and refinement, and operational carbon from the use of fossil fuels to heat or cool down buildings, and keep factories running. We see significant opportunities to eliminate waste through better recycling and reuse of building materials. Sustainable building methods, smart energy management and a higher share of renewables significantly reduce a building’s CO2 footprint.

But we cannot manage what we cannot measure. Data capture and analysis will play a critical role in establishing the carbon footprint of buildings and industrial goods, and inform the development of mitigation strategies. Artificial intelligence can support better product design and compounding of materials such as cement and concrete with a view of reducing their CO2 footprint. Developing technology to successfully combat climate change is this generations’ most important challenge –  KOMPAS is here to back the most promising and ambitious founders who accept this challenge. 


Manufacturers of building materials and components have always played an important part in the building industry. Offsite construction involves highly automated production and assembly of pre-fabricated buildings. Advances in additive manufacturing make it possible to 3D print entire buildings. As the manufacturing and construction sectors converge, new investment opportunities emerge in areas such as AI and robotics, data analytics, industrial IoT and software supporting product design, supply chain management and business process automation. The future of offsite construction and manufacturing technology is exceedingly bright.

Tell us about your company

Passionate about accelerating the decarbonisation and digital transformation of the building and manufacturing industry? If you are working on exciting new tech in pursuit of this goal, we would love to hear from you.

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